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Zebra Skins


We sell top quality hides at wholesale prices. Do not pay high prices for hides when you can receive the same quality here. Our "A" Zebra hides are tops, equal to any sold for up to $2500 (unless the Zebra had a heart attack).  If your Zebra hide or rug is more, you paid too much.  WE SELL BURCHELL ZEBRA HIDES.  The Burchell are the "Plains Zebra" and the most common.  Culled as we do deer so as not to exhaust their food supply.   The HARTMAN MOUNTAIN ZEBRA and GREVY'S ZEBRA (extremely rare) ARE ENDANGERED SPECIES.

Zebra Hides are returnable (within two weeks) if not satisfied.

R&R Traders Import/Export does not sell endangered species of any kind.  Even old skins of endangered species purchased, encourage “Poachers “to go after these animals.

R&R Traders Import/Export is located in Virginia , U.S.A. within easy contact . Purchase made from an overseas supplier or dealer that sells endangered skins  can be risky.

All our skins have been thoroughly processed, approved by a Government Veterinarian and inspected by U.S. Customs & Fish & Game Authorities to assure valid acceptance into the United States.

The Hartmann (Mountain Zebra) of southwest Africa tends to have a sleek coat with a white belly and narrower stripes than the Plains Zebra. It has two subspecies and is classified as endangered.

Grevy's Zebra is the largest type, with an erect mane, and a long, narrow head making it appear rather mule-like. It is an inhabitant of  the semi-arid grasslands of Ethiopia, Somalia and northern Kenya. The Grevy's Zebra is one of the rarest species of zebra around today, and is classified as endangered.

All Zebra skins/rugs are shipped to the customer from Virginia, USA . All licenses, shipping and Custom/Fish & Game charges from Africa have been paid by R&R Traders Import/Export and are included in prices listed.

Only UPS charges from Virginia to the Customer are added.

Shipping & Handling (via UPS) within the U.S. Mainland: $78.00 /Rug; $65.00/ Hide Shipping cost to Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands & areas other than the U.S. will be quoted upon request. Express Service at Recipient's Expense.


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