Antique Maasai Headdress
Reverse side of Headdress
This Headdress belonged to an old Maasai Elder, called SAITOTI, in LOKISAI VILLAGE. I was told that he had it for a long time, "since he was young". He said that he made it, "about a hundred years ago" to be used in a Maasai Ceremony called "EUNOTO.EUNOTO". This is one of the most important ceremonies in a Maasai Community. The Senior "Morani" (warriors) pass from warriorhood into "Junior Elders". Men are "Morani" about seven years. The ceremony occurs only once. . .when this period in their lives comes to an end. It is highly emotional. and "marks the end of their freedom". As Junior Elders, they will be expected to marry and settle down. He also told me that he hunted the animal for the headdress in the nearby mountains. These days Maasai are not allowed to hunt. He is sorry for the present Morani, because they cannot hunt. The old Morani rented his headdress for ten dollars a day, whenever a Moran needed one for the Ceremony.

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