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Fraser Mackay is a wildlife artist living and working in Zimbabwe, Africa. He draws much of his inspiration from being so close to the beautiful animals and breathtaking, rugged “Bush” deep in the heartland of "The Dark Continent". Here is a place that animals abound, elephants, the endangered rhino, buffalo, antelope, kudu and his personal favorites, the big cats of Africa: leopards lions and cheetahs.

Fraser was born in Zimbabwe and his talent in art was recognized early. He spent his youth fishing and watching animals and was taught much about the African “Bush” by his Uncle, who started the first crocodile farm in Africa.

Fraser has traveled extensively throughout the Region. His favorite places are the Okavango River in Botswana and the Mana Pools in Zimbabwe The latter he describes as "one of the best places in the World for wildlife."

Fraser's chosen technique is oil on canvas. He prefers to do paintings of the “Big Cat Family”, although he has painted elephant, buffalo, rhino, and African birdlife.

Fraser has had numerous exhibitions and his work has been purchased in Britain, Australia , South Africa and China.

He is an avid conservationist and donates some of his proceeds to assist anti-poaching and saving the Rhino.

All work copyright Fraser Mackay.

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Leopard in Tree
131cm x 101cm

Lion Portrait
1080cm x 860cm


Leopard Portrait
1080cm x 860cm


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