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Authentic Collector Items
Naturally Preserved

These real butterflies have been collected in the Congo and imported with all international permits and approval. Children and families have been trained by missionaries to catch butterflies as a new but natural means of survival for them and the rain forests. Your purchase will help assure nutritional food, clothing and economic security.

Like all collectibles (stamps, coins, trading cards, etc), butterflies will appreciate in value. Each is a conversation piece with its own story and beauty. Butterflies are displayed in crystal clear cases. If desired, they can be removed and framed.

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Papilio zalmoxis
W Pap725

Papilio antimachus
W Pap20 Wall Box
180mm  $ 74.50
190mm  $ 87.00

Papilio dardanus
W Pap283


Papilio lormieri
W Pap39

Papilio phorcus
W Pap67

Charaxes amelia
W Nym123


Charaxes brutus
W Nym143

Charaxes candiope
W Nym15

Charaxes smaragdalis
W Nym22


Cymothoes beckeri
W Nym27

Salamis parhassus
W Nym66

Salamis temora
W Nym665


Charaxis fulvescens
W Nym19 Wall Box

Papilio jasius
W Pap20x

Charaxes mixtus
W Nym209


Charaxes nobilis
W Nym21

Cymothoe oemilius (female)
W Nym275-f

Euxantha eurimome
W Nym322


Hypolimnus salmacis
W Nym355

Palla violinitens
W Nym4606 Wall Box


Charaxes acraeoides
$250.00 (rare)


Charaxis Imperialis
Nym209 Wallbox

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