Kirdi Antique Skin Shield "(Tlokwo)"

Kirdi Antique Skin Shield "(Tlokwo)" (very old)
Kirdi/Zulgo Tribe (No. Cameroons)
Length 23 1/2"
Width 17" top, 13" center, 7" bottom
Sale: slight blemish

In past centuries, invading tribes, especially the Islamic “Fulbe”, drove virtually all of the original inhabitants from the Plains of Northern Cameroon and Nigeria into the inaccessible Highlands of Adamawa and Nigeria. These tribes, often called ”Mountain Heathens”, are known today as the Kirdi (Northern Tribes). This shield is made out of cowhide. The burls and grooves were believed to ward to deflect the enemies weapons. Documented in “African Shields”: M.A. Zirngibi, page 53, Fig 57.

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