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The Zulu words, "How are you friend?" "We welcome you to our Umkhumbi!"

This Web Site provides a means to obtain authentic, hand made collectibles from the great "Dark Continent" of Africa. After careful selection, R & R Traders imports quality items to the United States from the African countries, where unique tribal crafts still exist. From the Zulus of South Africa, the Maasai lion hunters of Kenya and Tanzania, the Swazi, Luo, Pokot, Kamba, Samburu, Rendile, Kikuyu, Turkana and other tribes -- we gather war shields and spears, war clubs, Zebra skins, Zebra skin rugs, one-of-a-kind baskets, masks, wood and stone carvings, jewelry and unique dolls. These are crafts that may soon vanish! They are available now from R & R Traders. Collect them for an entire room design, for spectacular wall decor and for future resale. You will be pleased with your investment and the beauty of your purchase. Monies for crafts and artifacts purchased by R&R Traders Import/Export are intended to flow into the various tribal communities where they were made.

If requested, tribal and country background information can be provided with your purchase.

Guard at entrance to Zulu village
Photo © R&R Traders 2001-2022

"Siya kuleka ekhaya" (request to enter the Kraal)

copyright Don Bell
copyright Don Bell ( see Painting II)

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