Yaure African Mask  - SOLD -

Yaure African Mask

Yaure Mask  - SOLD -
13" High; 9" wide

The Yaure, a small ethnic group inhabiting the Central Regions of the Ivory Coast. Their masks, whose features include human and animal attributes, belong to either the Je or Lo Societies.Painted masks are are considered emblems of supernatural powers known as the Yu. Believed to be extremely dangerous and handled with great caution. Absolutely kept out of the sight of women.

The prominent ears on this magnificently carved mask are associated with human sacrifices, which were once offered to Yu. The mask was carved from a single piece of hard wood and is covered in discoloured white and black oil based pigment. It is an old mask, dating from the middle of the 20th century with wear clearly evident in the smoothness on the serrated edge of the ears, around the face and the rim.

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