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Salampasu Mask   - SOLD -
These masks were worn by members of the powerful "Ibuku" society.
The fearless "buku" required initiates to produce the head of an enemy or individually kill a lion or leopard.
Masks were also used to evoke ancestor spirits and frighten the enemy in battle.

This is an extremely nice copper coated mask.
Each mask is given a name.
These masks provoke such terror that women and children flee the village
when they hear the mask's name pronounced for fear they will die on the spot.
Wooden masks covered or not covered with copper sheets are worn by members
of the Ibuku warrior association who have killed in battle.
The masks made of plaited raffia fiber are used by the Idangani association.

Salampasu Mask - Democratic Republic of Congo
Late 20th Century, Original
Wood, copper, vegetal fiber, pigment
Height 41cm (16 in)
Price: $900.00   - SOLD -

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